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Written Works for Kids and Limericks for Children

Often referred to as the “playful poet,” Rose of Sharon is a Houston-based author, poet, teacher, and lover of God-inspired nature. She has successfully created poems and activities for adults as well as children in an effort to help bring Christ’s light of love to the world. She hopes that while enjoying her writings that you will be inspired to pause a little more often to recognize the Creator's playful Spirit in the world around you.


Rose of Sharon is currently working on a children’s book filled with looney limericks, puny poems, and rhyming riddles. Download this FREE coloring page that will be incorporated into the upcoming book.


Adults, are you looking for ways to encourage children to be more active outside? Check out Rose of Sharon’s “Green Fit” downloadable for a fun, easy way to engage kids outdoors. Think of this tool as a bingo game through which players mark off spaces as they tackle each activity outside. Climb a tree? Check. Go on a hike? Check. Kids of all ages love this modern twist on the age-old game of bingo. This is ideal for parents, caregivers and teachers of elementary school children.


Learn more about Rose of Sharon or contact her with your questions.

Catholic Kidlit Writing Contest.png

Rose of Sharon was recognized in March 2021 as a winner of the Catholic Kidlit Writing Contest for her poem titled “The King”.

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